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My Life in the Ozarks



Hello and thank you checking out my bio page. Hit me up the next time in the Canyon for some conversation if something strikes you as what you see below.


I get asked all the time if Jim and I are together. The answer is No we are not a couple. We are just business partners and I am a single man.

I am a 51 year old gay man. I stand 5'11" tall and weigh 215 lbs. I have an average to muscular build, 34" waist, bearded, blond short hair, green eyes, non smoker, occasional drinker, and do not do drugs. I am healthy and eat well and take good physical care of myself. I am HIV NEG and on PReP.

Here are some details for conversation starters about me: 
I have a very settled personal life.  I live out in the country on 720 remote acres and love the space. I have a great set of friends and they call me an adventurer as I am always pushing to learn and experience new things. I try to make the most of each day.
My fashion is primarily jeans and t-shirt and cowboy boots/hat or less at times as the summer heats up.
My interests include:
     - outdoors and nature and relish in all activities that will take me out in it like floating the local creek in a kayak or out hiking around the area.
     -plant enthusiast and love to have an herb garden; grow tropical plants and have perennial flower beds.
     -pet owner of a male German Sheppard named Thor, but have raised many animals from farm to some exotics and lots of birds.
     -travel and I've traveled much of Central America and a bit of South America; also been to Fiji, Egypt, New Zealand and the Caribbean Islands.
     -carpentry I am currently building by myself my dream solar/wind powered home.
I like all types of men and I like to surround myself with emotionally and physically healthy friends. I am looking to meet men that I can connect with on some of my likes but its all about chemistry.   Men that stand out for me are those that are: confident, achiever type, assertive and communicative, self supportive, masculine individuals.
I would like to find that one man that I can date and get to know and have a LTR with. And if you an adventurous spirited man, step to the front of the line and get my attention, please.  If your head is on straight and you know who you are then bring it on and hit me up for a date. So you know, I am a traditionalist and believe in dating to get know each other and I am not an instant relationship type man.

I am all about having fun and exploring life so my bucket list would contain:

Visit to New Zealand (Completed 2015)
Hang Gliding (Completed 2014)
Panama Canal (Completed 2014)
Grecian Island Cruise
Amazon Cruise
Visit BA Argentina/Australia
What’s on your bucket list?


Some of my background history of my life includes:

I grew up as a young child of 3 children to my parents below in a Chicago suburb called Westmont where I attended school thru the 6th grade. For my 7th grade, I moved to rural SW Wisconsin and dairy farmed with my father on 300 acres. I learned to care for animals, grow corn and alfalfa. I was able to have some very unique experiences there and that set my life in a direction of living the "rural" life over city life.

I started work at the young age 13 during the summer working for a program for farm kids. This gave me some great experiences and I found that with a bunch of hard work, I could get some things that wanted. I graduated HS at age 17 and had an opportunity to travel and lived in Mexico for 3 months as an exchange student. Upon coming home from Mexico I moved off the farm to live with my sister in Rockford, IL. There I worked as a dishwasher for an ice cream parlor for the year to save money because I knew I was going off to college in a year.. but worked that year at the parlor until I turned 18 years old. I was then off to Ripon College.. it is a small college in East Central part of the state of Wisconsin. I took the courses I was interested in and soon found that I had two majors, one in Anthropology and the other in Spanish. I also got a minor in theatre. I worked the summers for the City of Ripon, Wisconsin in the Parks Department. I started as a general maintenance guy and moved up to being lead mower. 40 hours a week on a posh riding mower that had stereo, cruise control, turn signals and seat belt with a roll bar. I worked for my education, I paid for it and took out several loans to get by. It did not come cheap and in the process i am proud of my educational accomplishments.

During my college years I took my junior year and studied abroad in Costa Rica for the 2 semesters. What an eye opener.. Spanish was the primary language and all my classes and social life was in Spanish. It did not take long for me to perfect my language in everyday life and gave me a great appreciation for Latin cultures.

I came home from Costa Rica and finished my senior year at Ripon College. That was 25+ years ago! Since then, I worked in my first year 5 part time jobs at the same time, temp service, tutoring Spanish speakers in class, taught ESL in the evenings, janitor at an apartment complex and bus driver. Those jobs panned out and I began a regular full time job as Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluator and worked in migrant camps in and around Rockford, IL and covered 9 counties. I stayed there for a number of years and then had an opportunity to work under a contract for the state of Illinois as a community organizer for youth programs. I managed 12 counties and worked with community leaders to implement youth programs. This was a fun job but it took me out of using my languages. I applied and was then hired as a caseworker for children in placement for the State of Illinois (Spanish speaker position). I worked in that capacity until I switched over to the investigative unit and began the rest of my career working on child abuse and neglect cases until I left that employment to follow my dream of opening a campground, and Cactus Canyon Campground was born. My road to get here was a long road, but with great efforts, great strengths, passion and enthusiasm. I am pleased with my life and my employment here at the Canyon.


To my parents whom I adore I would like to say:

I Love you Mom, May you Rest in Peace

June 18th, 1936 - November 26th, 2004

I got a lot of strength from my Mother who inspired me to be the best I can be at what ever I attempted. She taught me to pay attention to details. Thank you Mom.
And in Honor of my Father... I have gained much knowledge and determination to try new things. He has taught me two important life's lessons "never say I can not do something without trying" and that a "man is only as good as his word, then followed only by his actions to support his word"

I love you dad
You Rock!

May you Rest in Peace.

November 10, 1930 - November 21, 2011


To my girl Mocha, thank you for a wonderful 14.25 years of joy, happiness and companionship



March 16, 2001


June 19th, 2015




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