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Mean Title Holders Association

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Once again, we celebrate the summer solstice and the approach of Mid-Summer Night as we strip buck ass naked and get ready to play hard. We will provide the playground equipment and activities and you bring your horned-up imagination. To get that imagination going, this year’s party is Survivor themed with the tribes of Madikinu and Inmahola competing in some horny and hilarious games. The climax of the weekend will be The Elements party, at night and around the pool with Earth, Air, Fire, and Water incorporated in some amazing ways. The three main play areas, Perverts Playground, Deviants Dungeon, and The Black Hole will be up and running all weekend. As always, the hot tub, sauna, bonfires, trails, meadows, the old barn, Bryant Creek, kayaking, cocktails, sunshine days, starry nights, and more naked men than you can count will be the background for our debauchery.


Registration: 3PM –7PM

Welcome cocktail party and Tribe Gathering: 5PM – 7PM
Get amped up with some amazing cocktails offered by the hosts with the most, Gary (aka "Fancy") and Rob. The tribes are formed and the games begin, Tops form Tribe Madikinu (MA-dick-IN-you) and bottoms Tribe Inmahola (In-MA-hole-AH).

Cigar Social and Opening of Lube Pool (Bonfire): 9PM – 10PM

Friday night play time (Entire Campground): 10 -?
Time to get to it, in it, on it, and get off! Find that special play space and playmates throughout the campground, create your own, or come join the fun at one of the established spaces, The Black Hole, Deviants Dungeon, or Perverts Playground.


Afternoon Pool Party: 2-5PM
Suck some loads out of the monster cock ice luge and join in some games including Roll Doubles, Underwater Cock-ring Grab, and Popping Penis.

Cocktail party at The Black Hole: 7-9PM
Come enjoy cocktails with the original Whorelinas, Jim and James, at the legendary Black Hole. MTA will provide soak up food (light cocktail fare) to keep your buzz under control and let you party on into the night.

Elements Party at the pool: 9PM-11PM
Earth, Air, Fire, and Water come together mixed with the sounds of DJ Cowboy Frank at a tribal gathering to whip everyone into a frenzy and get playtime really heated up.

Saturday Night Play Time 11PM -?
Now the tribes are boned up, lubed up, and liquored up, time to begin the nights hunt and release those loads throughout the campground.


Sloppy Hole Breakfast and Awards 10AM – NOON
Juice, coffee and Craig’s Famous Biscuits and Gray take the edge off as we gather for a lot of laughs and award 2019 Camp Tramp and declare the winning tribe and the losing tribe pays tribute

Hair of the Dog Party and Volley Ball (Pool) 2PM – 4PM
Enjoy one more libation that is easy on the head and tummy, sweat the rest of those toxins out in the sunshine or cooling off with volleyball in the pool.

Decompress and Reminisce (Bonfire and Hot Tub) 9 -?
Enjoy the memories of the weekend with old and new friends around the fire, soak those exhausted but happy bodies in the hot tub and sauna and get one last session in for those who just can’t get enough.

For tickets click this Eventbrite link:

Cafe will be open for Breakfast and Dinners Menu items range from $7-$15 entrees.

The Hot tub/Sauna/Pool will be in full action for the day/night along with a community fire at the fire pit. Come and enjoy the camaraderie.

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