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Mean Title Holders Association

Date And Time

Fri, June 11th thru June 13th 2021


Last year, MTA was cancelled but the year before MTA challenged you on a tropical island with “SURVIVOR” This year, we return home with a theme celebrating the heart, soul, and pride of hillbillies, rednecks, and mountain men. What better place than the middle of The Ozarks.

There’ll be more sleazy rough trade than ya can shake a stick at, so ya’ll competing for Camp Tramp 2021 will be pushed to new limits.

Always keepin it fresh and adding new, we’ll be providing good times and nasty surprises at the ole barn, a hike up the holler to the ridge. Be careful, especially if ya gotta real purdy mouth, cuz ya just might run in’ some mountain men that wanna make ya squeal like a pig.

Compete in games of skill such as corn holing and hog tying, jump in the lube pool, and enjoy all night play at one of the three play areas, The Pig Pen, The Black Hole, and Deviants Dungeon. As usual, the pool, sauna, and hot tub will ALWAYS be active.

All weekend long, enjoy food that would do any trailer hostess proud and wash it down at the keg or, for brave souls, partake of them healing mountain waters, also known as ‘shine (and YES, it will be the real shit!). This will culminate in THE HOES HOEDOWN party Saturday night at the pool complete with DJ and some awesome lights and sounds.

Leading the way in all of this is MTA’s own hillbilly and mountain man from West Virginia, Boy Justin Browning. He is the real deal, as are many who will be there, so with their help we will be keepin it real. Justin will be doing a weekly posting on FaceBook, answering questions and handing out advice, but more on that later.

PLEASE go to the link below to make your camping arrangements ASAP. RV sites and tent sites with electric and water sell out quickly .

Cactus Canyon Reservations

So get your purdy asses down to the holler, strip buck ass nekid, and GET ‘ER DONE!!!

No Charge for this years Event other then regular camp fees.

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